Speed & capacity

  • ‘Superfast broadband’ is defined (by the government), as delivering download speeds of 24Mbps and above.
  • ‘Ultra fast broadband’ is defined as delivering download speeds of 100Mbps and above.
  • The current UK average broadband download speed in urban areas is 24Mbps**

**Ofcom national survey – May 2013.

  • The current UK average broadband download speed in rural areas is 9.9Mbps**
  • The speed gap between urban areas and the less commercially viable rural areas is widening rapidly**
  • Most of Long Hamborough endures broadband download speeds of 2Mbps and upload speeds of around 0.3Mbps or less***
  • BT Infinity is ‘asymmetrical’ meaning the upload speed is between 10 % 25% that of the download speed.
  • Gigaclear broadband is ‘symmetrical’ – delivering the same upload and download speed, simultaneously.
  • BT’s fastest currently available Infinity package delivers an absolute maximum of 76Mbps download and 19Mbps upload.
  • BT’s proposed ‘final upgrade’ to Infinity, which is not yet available anywhere in the UK, would theoretically deliver download speeds of 200 Mbps.  It is widely believed that this is the maximum that FTTC can economically deliver for the mass market (i.e. other than adding on FoD or a system called G-Fast, which requires small transmitters to be fitted to every telegraph pole to boost signals hyper-locally).
  • Gigaclear is currently the ISP with the fastest upload speed and 3rd fastest download speed in the UK.

http://www.netindex.com/upload/2,4/United-Kingdom/  Click on the All ISPs tab half way down the page.


  • Gigaclear’s network already runs at 1000 Mbps (or 1Gbps) and even has the capacity to run at 10,000Mbps (or 10Gbps) for large enterprise businesses, with just a software upgrade.  Even this could be increased in the future with a software upgrade, making the Gigaclear network future proofed, probably for at least 50 years.
  • Even on the standard 1Gbps network, that makes Gigaclear’s fastest download speeds an absolute minimum of 3 times faster (more realistically 10 times faster) than FoD’s maximum and Gigaclear’s fastest upload speeds an absolute minimum of 33 times faster.  This remember, is when compared to BT’s fastest consumer service, which is unlikely to be available in Long Hamborough for at least 2 years and even then, due to bandwidth capacity, would only be available to a few select businesses at massively higher installation / subscription rates.
  • All networks are split up into smaller mini-networks (called VLANs) and a dedicated amount of data capacity is assigned to each VLAN.  The number of other properties you share this VLAN with is known as your ‘contention ratio.’  Significantly, Gigaclear’s contention ratios (25:1 for home & 10:1 for business), are far better than those on BT Infinity (50:1), meaning that at the most congested times of day (e.g. early evening when people come home from work and go online), your speeds won’t drop nearly as much as they probably do with BT at the moment.
  • If you are on the standard Gigaclear Home 50/50 package (i.e. 50Mbps download & 50 Mbps upload), you are very unlikely to ever experience less than 30Mbs speeds when plugged into the router.
  • Only the higher BT Infinity packages include unlimited downloads and uploads.
  • All Gigaclear packages automatically include unlimited downloads and uploads****

****Acceptable Use Policy applies (although unless you’re an arch criminal wanting to broadcast a TV channel from your home, you’re unlikely to be troubled by this).


  • What can you do with the extra speed delivered by Gigaclear?

Typical Use                                            Typical Rural Time                                Gigaclear Time

Download HD Movie                           4Hrs                                                        3-6 Minutes

Download TV Show                              25 Mins                                                  20-30 Seconds

Upload Photo Album                           1Hr plus                                                 20-30 Seconds

iTunes Download                                 5-10 Minutes                                        20-30 Seconds

30Mb file Upload                                 10-30 Minutes                                      20-30 Seconds