New BT Fibre cabinets have just appeared in LH

Some of you may have noticed that new cabinets looking like these

have appeared right next to an existing BT cabinet in these locations

These are the new DSLAM cabinets (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexer), which is layman terms are the end point of the Fibre Optic cable coming from the Witney exchange. These then reconnect to the adjacent existing PCP cabinet (Primary Connection Point) which feeds the telephone copper wires into your house. Once this connection is complete, your broadband will no longer be carried over a copper wire all the way to the Freeland exchange, but will instead be transported via FIBRE from the DSLAM to the Witney exchange. The connection from your house to the Cabinet will of course remain your good old copper wire.

As a picture is worth a thousand words, here is a map which explains a typical Fibre To The Cabined (FTTC) layout. This will be pretty much what is being planned for Long Hanborough

FTTC architecture

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