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Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is your broadband speed is a problem?
  • Do you currently experience poor TV, Radio or Mobile signals?
  • Would you like to save money on your phone calls and TV / entertainment subscriptions?
  • Would you like to increase the value of your property?
  • Would you like to help turn Long Hamborough from a communications ‘Not Spot’ to a Hot Spot this year?

If the answer to any one of the above is YES, then please read on:

Our Mission

We are a 100% community driven initiative to get our homes connected to the the latest generation fibre optic broadband network. If you are among the increasing number of residents in Long Hanborough and surrounding villages who are wishing to get a super fast connection to the internet, then you have come to the right place!

The problem: currently available broadband is SLOW

In Long Hanborough and surrounding villages currently the only connection available to the internet is via the phone line. The phone companies provide internet access to your property via the existing telephone copper wires using the ADSL protocol. Unfortunately copper wires are not very good for carrying internet data, and the signal degrades quickly with distance from the local telephone exchange and varies significantly with the quality of the wiring.

The houses in Long Hanborough are all connected to the Freeland BT exchange, so the closest ones to Freeland enjoy download speeds of up to 15 mb/second, while the houses at the other end can only get 2 mb/second!

A half way upgrade: BT Infinity

There is some good news however. Long hanborough is on the map to be upgraded to BT’s new faster broadband service called BT Infinity, which on paper is capable of delivering up to 75 Mb/Sec download speeds. These speed increases are achieved by connecting the BT cabinets in Long Hanborough to the BT exchange via  a Fibre Optic Cable. Fibre optic cables can transmit at far higher rates and the performance does NOT degrade with the distance from the internet backbone access points.  So the only copper wires remaining are the ones connecting the cabinet to our homes. The bottleneck caused by the copper wires is therefore reduced because of the shorter distance the digital signal needs to travels over them.

Limitations of BT Infinity

BT Infinity’s Fibre To The Cabinet (FTTC) proposition is a definite improvement, but it has its drawbacks: it suffers from the same limitations as the currently available ADSL connections to the exchange: the further your house is from the BT cabinet in Long Hanborough, the slower the connection will be. Other factors can also negatively affect the speed (quality of the wiring, weather conditions, etc), so if you are lucky enough to live very close to your cabinet, you will probably get the advertised download speeds of 75MB/sec, but if you are more than 1.5 km away from it, you will see NO SIGNIFICANT IMPROVEMENT on your broadband speeds!

The ultimate upgrade: Fibre To The Premises

The ultimate way to get access to the internet would be for your home to be connected directly to the internet backbone via a fibre optic cable. This eliminates all bottlenecks and would be capable of delivering to your home an incredible 1000Mb/sec speed in BOTH directions (download AND upload).

Eventually the plan of any developed country is to connect all homes using this new technology, but currently only a privileged few have this access, or businesses who can afford £1000/ month to have a dedicated fibre optic cable run directly to their premises, however BT have no plans to roll out these future proof state of the art connections to our homes anytime soon.

So here is a summary of the 3 main technologies

Intenet Connection Max Download speed Max Upload speed Suitable for: Availability
ADSL 15Mb/sec close to freeland Exchange

less than 2Mb/sec close to the rail station
1Mb/sec close to freeland Exchange

less than 0.3Mb/sec close to the rail station
light internet browsing

download email with small attachments
BT Infinity (Fibre To the Cabinet) 75Mb/sec close to freeland Exchange

less than 10Mb/sec close to the rail station
8Mb/sec close to freeland Exchange

less than 3Mb/sec close to the rail station
media download,

low resolution media straming
by 2015
Fibre To The Premises 1000 MB/sec ALWAYS!

(Does not matter where your house is!)
1000 MB/sec ALWAYS!

(Does not matter where your house is!)
download a full HD movie in 10 SECONDS!

full HD realtime internet gaming

Multi Video Teleconferencing

Internet phoning

you name it …..
could be as early as in a FEW MONTHS if we get our act together!

Continue reading below to know how.