comparison of Gigaclear & BT products

  • At one end of the scale is BT Unlimited Broadband (the current ADSL copper wire system) and at the other is Fibre on Demand (FoD).
  • Perhaps the closest and fairest (for both parties) price comparrison is as follows:

The standard Gigaclear Home 50 line rental + broadband service costs £37 per month. The closest ‘equivalent’ BT Infinity Unlimited Superfast service costs £36.70* (for a less reliable, slower and non future proofed service – which we don’t ‘have!).

*Calculated on the cheapest package available online for BT’s minimum 12 month contract term & including special offer for the first 3 months.  3 months at £16 + 9 months at £23 + 12 months of line rental = £440.40 divided by 12 = monthly cost of £36.70

  • In July 2013, Gigaclear announced that it had signed a contract with a company called FluidData, which means that Gigaclear customers will soon be able to choose from a range of around 50 telecoms companies as their internet service provider.  Effectively, this means that although the fibre network and hardware will be supplied by Gigaclear, you do not necessarily need to use them as your ISP.
  • Gigaclear will set the wholesale prices, but the development means that there will be competition between operators on the retail costs charged for the service.  This is the same as BT, where Openreach owns the wholesale network and BT is consumer facing ‘retailer’.
  • In Gigaclear’s terms and conditions, it states that it will only ever increase its prices by a maximum of 2% above the annual Retail Prices Index (RPI).  In the past year, that would theoretically have resulted in a rise of 2.9% + 2% = 4.9% (which equates to £1.57 per month).  As a commercial operation keen to retain its customers however, Gigaclear has not increased its prices and has no plans to do so at present.  Incidentally, BT gives no such guarantee.
  • In most cases, connection to the Gigaclear network costs £100 for residential premises and £200 for businesses.
  • This means that a small connection pot (about the size of a water meter), is placed inside the boundary to your property.
  • You’ll then need to run an additional fibre cable from the pot, into your property and then connect it to your broadband router (generally via a shallow trench and a drilled hole through the exterior wall).
  • You can do this yourself using the free installation kit & router supplied by Gigaclear (around 30% of people in Appleton took the DIY approach and nobody had a problem).
  • Alternatively, a Gigaclear certified contractor can install it for you.  In general this costs £95 but can increase if you have a long driveway or if there are unusual obstacles to navigate (e.g. a particularly complex block paving driveway!)
  • The monthly subscription effectively covers the equivalent of line rental and broadband service (but not telephone calls, which can be added via a 3rd party for around £5.99 per month).
  • The minimum contract period for Gigaclear residential & business properties is 12 months + a 3 month notice period thereafter (i.e. 15 months).
  • Residential tenants can however sign up for 3 months + 3 months notice (6 months minimum contract), although the same £100 connection fee applies.
  • In order to get the best deals, BT often requires customers to sign up to 18 or 24 month contracts (although there are special offers that do occasionally allow 12 month contract periods).